Showcasing McLain & Company Watercolors and Acrylics

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About Me

My Background

Colors, textures, scenes that comfort, favorite pets!

i've always enjoyed drawing, and took required basic art classes in college, never dreaming that I would have a talent for painting. Since painting my first watercolor in 2017, I have taken many classes and paint every day. I love to paint a variety of subjects, especially peoples' beloved pets. 

My Medium

A painting in progress during a camping trip!

My preferred medium is watercolor, but I've found acrylic perfect for some paintings, especially larger formats. 

My Inspiration

Jasper, our Australian labradoodle!

I love flowers and all manner of natural subjects, and find many inspirations while walking the dog in my beautiful neighborhood, or while hiking and golfing . Peoples' pets are a delight to paint, and I love capturing their unique spirits.